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When the Lord made man, all the parts of the body argued over who would be boss.


The Brain
explained that since he controlled all the parts of the body,
he should be boss.


The Legs
argued that they should be boss,
since they could take the body anywhere it wanted to go.


The Stomach
countered with the explanation that since he digested all the food,
he kept the body healthy,
therefore he should be boss.


The Eyes
said without vision man could not see where he was going.
Therefore, they should be boss.


Then the Rectum
spoke up and applied for the job.



The other parts of the body all laughed so hard the Rectum closed up.



After a few days,
the Brain got foggy,
the legs become wobbly,
the Stomach became ill,
and the Eyes crossed and could not see.



they all conceded that the Rectum should be boss.



Which just goes to prove that you don't have to be Brain to be boss;
just an Ass.