Men are like ... Blenders.


      You need one,
      but you're not quite sure why.





    Men are like ... Chocolate Bars.


      and they usually head right for your hips.





    Men are like ... Coffee.


      The best ones are rich,
      and can keep you up all night long.





    Men are like ... Computers.


      Hard to figure out
      and never have enough memory.





    Men are like ... Commercials.


      You can't believe a word they say.





    Men are like ... Coolers.


      Load them with beer
      and you can take them anywhere.





    Men are like ... Copiers.


      You need them for reproduction,
      but that's about it.





    Men are like ... Curling irons.


      They're always hot,
      and they're always in your hair.





    Men are like ... Government bonds.


      They take so long to mature.





    Men are like ... High heels.


      They're easy to walk on once you get the hang of it.





    Men are like ... Horoscopes.


      They always tell you what to do
      and are usually wrong.





    Men are like ... Lava lamps.


      Fun to look at,
      but not all that bright.





    Men are like ... Mascara.


      They usualy run at the first sign of emotion.





    Men are like ... Parking spots.


      The good ones are already taken
      and the ones that are left
      are handicapped or extremely small.





    Men are like ... Popcorn.


      They satisfy you,
      but only for a little while.





    Men are like ... Place mats.


      They only show up
      when there's food on the table.





    Men are like ... Snow storms.


      You never know when they're coming,
      how many inches you'll get
      or how long they will last.





    Men are like ... Used Cars.


      Both are easy-to-get,
      and unreliable.





    Men are like ... Bank Machines.


      Once they withdraw they lose interest.





    Men are like ... Bananas.


      The older they get,
      the less firm they are.





    Men are like ... Newborn babies.


      They're cute at first,
      but you get tired of cleaning up their crap.





    Men are like ... Crystal.


      Some look real good,
      but you can still see right through them.





    Men are like ... Dry cleaners.


      Most work fast and leave no ring.





    Men are like ... Laxatives.


      They irritate the shit out of you.



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