A young man
had been seriously dating three lovely girls
and was finally faced with the dilemma of which to marry.


As a test he gave each of them one thousand dollars.


The first girl

went for a complete hair and face makeover,
new clothes, and new shoes.
She returned to show off her new look saying,
"I want to be at my most beautiful for you.
Why ?
Because I love you, dear."


The second girl

returned with new football and golf equipment,
a new stereo, VCR, and a month's supply of beer saying,
"I bought all these things for you.
They're my gift to you,
because I love you so."


The third girl

invested the 1000 dollars wisely
and very quickly doubled her original amount.
She reinvest the profits which continued to multiply
and returned the first thousend to the young man saying,
"I have taken your mony
and made it grow as an investment in our future together.
That's how much I love you dear."


The young man was very impressed by all of their responses,
and after giving long
and careful consideration,
he married the one with the biggest tits.



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